​Today's market is like never before. It is tough and yes, there are some good deals out there of all types but it takes a great deal of knowledge & experience to work thru them.  Yes, some do take up to two years before a decision is made by the bank. That is where RAR Realty stands out from the rest.

Let’s face it, selecting the right location for your business or your new home is possibly the most important decision you’ll make. You need more than a property that looks nice, you need a property that generates the maximum possible income for your business or a home that your family will be comfortable, happy and proud to live in.  We at RAR Realty understand that. We go beyond locating a home, office or any type of commercial real estate for you. We identify your needs, your dream and we have the experience & knowledge to make it come true. Our Team of experts have years of schooling and experience in all facets of Real Estate, as well as Appraising & Design.


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OK Lets get started, let us know what type of Property you are looking for provide us as much information as you can like Type, Size, Location & budget we will locate Properties that match your criteria then we will send you all that we found via email. 

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​Ralph Rossi 

We’re real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Since 1982 we have done just that serving the profession in all phases of real estate.

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